Twilight of Rage…

In the near Future, Mankind sits on the brink of annihilation. With dwindling planetary resources causing world-wide brush wars. The remaining Super powers open a Pandora’s box of unspeakable horrors with advanced research and development of chemical and biological weapons. Due to years of escalating Global turmoil over oil and natural resources, the remaining Super power nations have fallen apart and the world is torn asunder and ruled by localized Militias or Roving gangs.Tw paris Certain regions of the globe have fared better than others and some worse. The Middle East was was reduced to a sea of glass early on in the turmoil. As the U.S. saw that it could not keep a grip on the region and decided “if we cant have it , no one can” policy.

When Russia made moves to secure the European Union , China saw a golden opportunity and launched an invasion of Russia, as the Great Bear rolled through the EU, the Sleeping Dragon Sprang to life cutting off the Russia supply lines from the east. At this time there was a massive Nuclear exchange between Russia and China. and most of the Main populated areas of both countries were obliterated. Unfortunately, for the rest of the World this triggers an all out panic attack from Russia and China, as they launch there entire Nuclear Arsenals. Most Sites are destroyed in the initial attacks from each other but enough weapons are unleashed on the the rest of the world, that Europe lays in ruin and is an irradiated wasteland. the U.S. fares better then Europe and Great Britain. But does Suffer heavy damage to infrastructure and government. Most of the Country is plunged into an “artificial” Dark ages as high altitude nuclear weapons detonate over the country, the EMP pulse renders most electronics useless. Tw coffin

The U.S. is hit hard but it is not destroyed. The U.S. Government attempts to maintain “Continental Integrity” and launches an effort to unify the North America Continent under U.S. Rule. This Sparks a “Civil War” as people form lines against or for this action by the U.S. the country is split into two fronts as Canada and Mexico resist. With the Use of Nuclear Weapons not a viable option the U.S. uses chemical and biological weapons.

Tw victim One such “Virus” R4N7, has a very unexpected side effect. R4N7 (also referred to as the “rain” virus, is a Hemorrhagic Fever Virus similar to Ebola) was introduced in the Southern Front and quickly spread and killed many, but that is also when it mutated and its bizarre side effects where first seen. the Virus doesn’t incapacitate the victim in the first stages of the disease. Instead it appears to “Awaken” the victim and drives them to seek out uninfected individuals and attack them. These attacks on the uninfected are serve and often brutal…. Tw guards

You are one of a handful of survivors from a secret Government lab, that just might have a cure or antidote for the plague that is wiping out the meager remnant of humanity. That is if you don’t fall victim to the whirlwind of death and destruction that is consuming the Earth.

Game System

Twilight of Rage uses the Twilight 2013 game system from 93 Game Studios. It is basically a revised rule set of the eighties PnP game Twilight 2000 from Game Designers Workshop. The Premise behind this campaign is the World is in its last final days.

Twilight of Rage

Darrin Drasek